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Call for Tender (Mandate M/485) for Senior Researchers and a project coordinator

Call for tender for senior researchers and a project coordinator for the development of an accelerated luminaire maintenance factor (LMF) testing procedure to cover both luminaires used for office lighting and road lanterns, for the development of the most energy efficient utilization factors (UF) and for the elaboration of European Standards more

Current Draft Standards / Shortened Procedures

DIN EN 15193-1, Publication date : 2014-10
Draft standard , Energy performance of buildings - Modul M9 - Energy requirements for lighting - Part 1: Specifications; German version prEN 15193-1:2014 more
DIN EN 16791, Publication date : 2014-11
Draft standard , Quantifying irradiance for eye-mediated non-image forming effects of light in humans; German version prEN 16791:2014 more


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